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The Hospitality Critic® System

Hospitality Critic® is first and foremost a vehicle to provide trusted and unbiased reviews on Corporate Hospitality packages to major sporting and cultural events that take place throughout the UK. The team at Hospitality Critic® has over 40 years of experience in hosting, organising, and delivering corporate hospitality packages, ranging from 10 people to 6,000.

Hospitality Critic® offers a unique service to buyers of Corporate Hospitality in that we are not selling any products to you, therefore we are not burdened with any self-interest; our goal is quite simply to provide you with the ability to make an informed decision when purchasing Corporate Hospitality.

The Hospitality Critic® website is community-driven, allowing real honest user reviews to be submitted for other users’ consideration. These reviews provide real scrutiny on the hospitality sector, providing users with a voice and venues with access to genuine, anonymised data, which can be used to improve their products.

Hospitality Criticv uses a proprietary system to rank all of the possible corporate hospitality packages to major sporting and cultural events happening throughout the UK and overseas. We do this to provide an overview of the quality of the packages available in the hope to:


The first pillar of Hospitality Critic® is to provide as much information as possible, to potential buyers of Corporate Hospitality, on all the potential options available on the market. The diversity of the hospitality market is such that not all options are available to purchase in one place, some are exclusive, some are hidden, and some do not even have their own website to promote them.

Hospitality Critic® aims to gather all this information in one place and provide an easy to read, informative guide to what is available.


The second pillar of Hospitality Critic® is to provide tools that allow comparison of the hospitality packages that are available for a range of high-profile events. These comparisons are critical to facilitate informed decisions on what hospitality product is right for the buyer, from large multinational corporations down to private individuals.


The final pillar of Hospitality Critic® is to then direct users with the correct contact details, to allow them to reserve or book the package of their choice, directly from the hospitality provider. This could be a website, phone number or mailing address, and, if there are multiple providers of the same package, these alternatives will also be displayed.

'Value for Money'

Our Ranking System does not quantify ‘value for money’, which is subject to personal opinion and circumstances. For instance, somebody might consider an expensive private box as being good value for money, because of its favourable location, whereas others might view the expense as not representing good value at all. Our Ranking System is based on known package inclusions, location, service and quality, it is not scored relative to the cost of the hospitality package. However, some of our individual reviews might comment on the value for money by way of observation.

The Ranking System

Hospitality Critic® has identified ten core components that make up most Corporate Hospitality products. We then award a quality score for each component, compared with other relevant products at the same event. These ten core components together add up to a possible score of 100/100, however, some components are more important than others and so are given greater priority as follows:


Location is by far the most important factor when considering a Corporate Hospitality product, the prestige of sitting in a private box overlooking the Winning Post at Royal Ascot, or having an usher show you to your seats on Centre Court at Wimbledon, cannot be understated. Location is also the most difficult to quantify, with multiple factors needing consideration to ensure a fair score.


Catering is the next most important factor, when you need to impress important guests or clients the culinary experience must be of the highest standard. Equally, it is important to understand what is needed from the Corporate Hospitality experience, if a more informal situation is required or the formality of a four-course a la carte luncheon.


The admission ticket/seat is a key component, with some venues offering multiple viewing options. For instance, at a rugby international your seat can theoretically be located anywhere in the stadium. For most buyers, a good seat location and groups being seated together would be a key component in their chosen Corporate Hospitality package.


As a host you do not want to be concerned about the bar bill, thankfully the majority of Corporate Hospitality packages now offer a complimentary bar included in the selling price. However, the premium Corporate Hospitality packages may offer an ‘extended’ beverage service which may include items such as vintage wines, unlimited Champagne throughout the day or special touches like an in-house sommelier or a cocktail bar.


The facility itself is certainly one of the most important components. The increase in the quality of Corporate Hospitality over recent years can be clearly seen in the huge efforts made by venues and agencies to enhance the décor of a hospitality facility. Cheltenham Racecourse, for example, at their prestigious March Festival meeting actually re-create a gastro-pub (The Horse & Groom), which is quite extraordinary in its detail for a four-day event! It is also essential to understand what other services are provided, such as private toilet facilities or cloakrooms.


No matter what is included in a Corporate Hospitality package what can make the day special for you and your guests is the service you experience on the day. Drinks served directly to your table by personable and professional hostesses means you do not worry about anything on the day, leaving you free to engage with your guests and enjoy the event.


Any event can be further enhanced for the enjoyment of guests, with the addition of live entertainment. This could take the form of an amusing talk from a celebrity, live music or racing tips from a professional tipster, for instance.

Car Parking

The last thing you and your guests want to worry about is trying to find a car parking space on busy event days. To many, it is important to have a designated car park space waiting for you at the event.


Audio-visual is not something that might sit high on your list of priorities. However, superb visual facilities can enhance the experience greatly, such as large screen projectors or TV’s positioned in ideal locations, so you miss none of the action. The anticipation of listening to a high-profile celebrity is often thwarted due to a poor sound system.


Extras are for those little finishing touches that don’t fit in anywhere else but that adds to the day, things like a souvenir programme, corporate gift or racing simulator. These components are not necessary for a great day of hospitality, but they all contribute to making it a memorable one.

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