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Hospitality at Brasserie Abode
Official Offsite

  • 42 / 100
    Hospitality Critic
    Review Score

The Brasserie Abode is a luxury hotel chain based in Manchester city centre, just a 2-minute walk from Piccadilly station that welcomes guests with its relaxed atmosphere.

Open 3.5 hours before kick-off guests will delight in the 3-course à la carte menu and have three complimentary drinks included, with additional from the cash bar.

Transfers to and from Etihad Stadium are included.

Rating: Below Average

Key Points

Location Brasserie Abode
Catering 3-Course à la Carte Menu
Drinks Complimentary Drink x3 (Beers, Wines & Soft Drinks)
Price Guide From £300

Package Content


Brasserie Abode

Bar Inclusions

  • Complimentary Drink x3
  • (Beers, Wines & Soft Drinks)

Main Meal

3-Course à la Carte Menu

Extra Inclusions

  • Hospitality Opens 3.5 Hours Pre-Match
  • Transportation To/From Etihad Provided

Our in-depth article will tell you everything you need to know.

Ratings Understand our scoring
42 / 100
Car Parking
Total 42/100
Alexander Lyall (34)
Hospitality Critic Reviewer
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